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affordable, environmentally friendly

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About Mbaula Concepts

Outdoor Use

As environmentalists, outdoor lovers and travel enthusiasts, we've identified the need for a sustainable innovation.

The result was a practical and user friendly stove that will appeal to everyone, from the holiday camper to the family looking for affordable ways of cooking and preparing their everyday meals.

Environmentally friendly

Mbaula Concepts, born from our love for the African continent and its people, will bring relief to our power network and exploited natural habitat.

The heat insulating design requires less burning fuel and contributes to the conservation of our environment.


We strive to design and produce the highest quality products at the lowest prices.

This innovative product saves you time, money, electricity and replaced dangerous cooking methods.


Are you interested in becoming a distributor of the Mbaula Green? Contact us today and share in the ongoing success of this eco-friendly product.



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