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The Vision(ary)

Flame 4 Africa

Meet the enthusiast behind the Mbaula Green: Ruan van Rooyen

If he's not busy cooking or braaing on the Mbaula Green...he'll be out telling someone about it! Ruan, one of three shareholders, has the exciting task of sharing the Mbaula Green with Africa.

Ruan van Rooyen

"The Mbaula Green is an expression of my passion for cooking, braaing, the environment and people. It offers an innovative way of using different materials to enhance a lifestyle by making cooking more affordable.
I just love making potjie on the Mbaula Green, especially when camping, and I love experimenting with different combinations and enjoying the end result."



Our vision is to:

  • distribute the Mbaula Green internationally,
  • bringing a significant relief to cooking related issues and reducing carbon footprint.
  • From families looking for affordable methods of cooking to people wanting to braai or cook a pot,
  • the Mbaula Green replaces unhealthy, costly and dangerous cooking methods.

Our mission is to:

  • manufacture and distribute the Mbaula Green, starting in South Africa, and
  • progressively establish markets in neighbouring and other countries.



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