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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 15:30
Interesting fact about the Mbaula Green's clay:
During the development phase of the Mbaula Green, many different types and clay formulas were tested. Most clays tested would either crack as a result of the heat or would become brittle when washed. Eventually we found a winning formula - a clay baked in an oven at temperatures higher than 700 degrees celsius.
We did the ultimate test on this clay; by pouring water over the stove whilst having burning charcoal in the clay liner - the Outcome? The clay didn't crack and we're yet to see it happen!!
The clay used in the Mbaula Green is robust, will not crack as a result of heat and can be washed after every braai.
Thursday, 16 January 2014 10:31

Last Sunday afternoon I was in the mood for a braai, as men quite often are, so I packed 6 pieces of charcoal in the Mbaula Green's clay liner & 20mins later my braai was ready. Whilst sitting on my patio, staring at the Mbaula Green in amazement of how hot the clay becomes, I was reminded just how convenient braaing on the Mbaula Green is. Life has become such a rush and time a precious resource. How often do you braai during the week? I, very seldom..that's before I had the Mbaula Green of course. It's not that we don't want to braai during the week, we simply don't have the time to light a fire, two beers later and then only braai. by the time you're done braaing, you're the only one who's still awake.

There's something about a braai that we (esp. men and not excluding women) really enjoy and find relaxing. maybe it's that primitive instinct of lighting a fire that excites us? I don't know why we enjoy it but I do know; a braai a day keeps the doctor at bay - regardless of the cholestrol! Perhaps it's the opportunity to sit and relax whilst pretending to be busy?

So while I was sitting there on the patio, I realized that in the midst of our busy schedules and the pace at which life goes, down-time is a must have. The beauty of the Mbaula Green is that braaing does not only have to be a weekend luxury, the Mbaula Green makes braaing quick, convenient and cheap. I only use 6 pieces of charcoal to braai my lamb chop, chicken or boerewors.  The efficiency of the Mbaula Green allows me to braai during the week without having to beg the others to stay awake and just enough time for me to relax and enjoy the braai! 

Who said braaing was just for weekends anyway?

Friday, 03 October 2014 14:00

The Mbaula Green team was invited to a 4x4 club evening hosted by Outdoor Warehouse. We had the privilige of addressing the members of the 4x4 club and introduced the versatile Mbaula Green.

By the reaction and interest shown by the members of the 4x4 club I was once again reminded by how important "compact & versatile" is. Space is always an issue when travelling or going on 4x4 trips, especially when venturing into remote bushveld as we love to do from time to time.

When packing the essentials you'll be surpised how many there are! You'll soon find that the space left in the 4x4 has quickly been filled by the "have to's", with cooking and eating needs being at the top of your "what to pack list". After all, there's nothing quite as special as braaing boerewors in a dried up Kalahari river bed or a brunch after an early morning expedition!

The Mbaula Green is a stove and grill wrapped up in a compact, energy efficient package - designed to use minimal space and to use even less wood or charcoal. It's these aspects that are so vitally important to travellers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Mbaula Green has two standard fittings and those two fittings are all you need to prepare your day-to-day signature dishes. A stainless steel grill and a stainless steel pot rest give you the luxury to cook, fry or braai with minimum effort. Cooking a three leg potjie to grilling a delicious steak, you can even do a delicious paella on a wok - it can all be done on the Mbaula Green!

Have you ever had to settle for a raw egg because the gas bottle's gas had just run the middle of nowhere? Besides the versatility and compactness, the Mbaula Green is dependant on limited natural biomass such as wood or charcoal, a source that is readily available when travelling.

The portable Mbaula Green is becoming a favourite among outdoor lovers and it's great to see how the benefits contribute to a more enjoyable experience. The Mbaula Green truly is your complete stove and grill wrapped up in a compact, energy-efficient package! 

Monday, 17 February 2014 11:29

The Mbaula Green's efficiency and versatility makes it the perfect stove/braai for every adventure, especially when camping or travelling to a remote destination where the every-day luxuries are limited to what you packed - that's why we say: "Pack the Mbaula Green"


We had our statement put to the test by asking the Drive Out Magazine and Go! Magazine to give their honest opinions of the Mbaula Green.

- see what they had to say:


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Tuesday, 10 December 2013 15:32

Mbaula Concepts is a South African based company and has set out to make a positive impact by replacing unhealthy and inefficient cooking methods with our locally manufactured, clean cooking stove, called the Mbaula Green.

In the beginning of 2013 Mbaula Concepts became proud members of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, an United Nations alliance, set out to distribute and sell at least 100 million clean cooking stoves world-wide by 2020. The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves was established in order to replace inefficient and unhealthy cooking methods, reducing carbon footprint & improving the livelihoods of those most affected thereby.

Mbaula Concept’s contribution to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstovesstarts in the Western Cape. We have been very privileged to be selected as a flagship company of the 110% Green initiative, facilitated by the Western Cape Government, in order to further sustainable living by manufacturing, selling and distributing our Clean Cooking Stove, the Mbaula Green.

The Mbaula Green is an innovative design which uses minimal wood or charcoal or any other biomass to create high temperatures for cooking. It is equipped with a patent protected, unique ceramic liner which absorbs the heat from the burning wood or charcoal. Once the ceramic liner is hot, it enhances the heat of the stove, reducing the burning fuel required by up to 50%. As a result, the smoke emission is minimal, reducing smoke related illnesses and carbon footprint. The user’s burning fuel expenses are decreased significantly, a major relief during the current economic situation, and deforestation is curbed as less burning fuel is used.

The Mbaula Green’s environmental, health and economic benefits makes it an ideal cooking stove to replace expensive, dangerous and unhealthy cooking methods: Paraffin stoves that don’t meet basic safety measures of the South African Bureau of Standards' (SABS) have been a major cause for shack fires over the last five years. Furthermore, electric and gas cookers have, and are becoming very expensive methods of cooking. A 2012/2013 international electricity and natural gas report and price survey conducted by the NUS consulting group lists South Africa as having the highest natural gas prices compared to North America, Europe and Australasia. The survey indicates that local gas prices rocketed by 101.7% between 2012 and 2013. The NUS survey also indicates that South Africa has the 15th most expensive electricity out of the 18 countries surveyed, with further price increases awaiting us.

A recent seminar held by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have found that the air in Cape Town is among the most polluted in South Africa, with the most polluted areas being the city’s townships where inefficient wood burning for cooking and heating is common practice.

It is clear that urgent measures need to be taken in order to bring an economic, health and environmental relief to cooking related issues, making the Mbaula Green a very suitable, Green solution.

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