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Friday, 03 October 2014 14:00

The Mbaula Green team was invited to a 4x4 club evening hosted by Outdoor Warehouse. We had the privilige of addressing the members of the 4x4 club and introduced the versatile Mbaula Green.

By the reaction and interest shown by the members of the 4x4 club I was once again reminded by how important "compact & versatile" is. Space is always an issue when travelling or going on 4x4 trips, especially when venturing into remote bushveld as we love to do from time to time.

When packing the essentials you'll be surpised how many there are! You'll soon find that the space left in the 4x4 has quickly been filled by the "have to's", with cooking and eating needs being at the top of your "what to pack list". After all, there's nothing quite as special as braaing boerewors in a dried up Kalahari river bed or a brunch after an early morning expedition!

The Mbaula Green is a stove and grill wrapped up in a compact, energy efficient package - designed to use minimal space and to use even less wood or charcoal. It's these aspects that are so vitally important to travellers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Mbaula Green has two standard fittings and those two fittings are all you need to prepare your day-to-day signature dishes. A stainless steel grill and a stainless steel pot rest give you the luxury to cook, fry or braai with minimum effort. Cooking a three leg potjie to grilling a delicious steak, you can even do a delicious paella on a wok - it can all be done on the Mbaula Green!

Have you ever had to settle for a raw egg because the gas bottle's gas had just run the middle of nowhere? Besides the versatility and compactness, the Mbaula Green is dependant on limited natural biomass such as wood or charcoal, a source that is readily available when travelling.

The portable Mbaula Green is becoming a favourite among outdoor lovers and it's great to see how the benefits contribute to a more enjoyable experience. The Mbaula Green truly is your complete stove and grill wrapped up in a compact, energy-efficient package! 

Monday, 17 February 2014 11:29

The Mbaula Green's efficiency and versatility makes it the perfect stove/braai for every adventure, especially when camping or travelling to a remote destination where the every-day luxuries are limited to what you packed - that's why we say: "Pack the Mbaula Green"


We had our statement put to the test by asking the Drive Out Magazine and Go! Magazine to give their honest opinions of the Mbaula Green.

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